Drupal Media Roadmap

This section of the Guide outlined the strategy behind Media in Drupal 8, and our the goals and milestones on our roadmap.

D8 Strategy

Media is a tough problem to solve in a CMS\/Framework like Drupal. In prior versions of Drupal, our solution relied on an overall Media Module that provided most of the functionality, which was then supported by several sub-modules or alternative solutions (see the the D7 Background section for a full summary).

For Drupal 8, the various contributors have worked collaborative to take different approach that separates Media functionality into several independent modules that can be used together based as appropriate. There is an overall module called Media that prepackages the configuration of certain of the above independent modules for a convenient starting point.

Apart from delivering great functionality, this strategy for D8 aims to allow for more collaboration, a faster release cycle, and greater flexibility in selecting which functionality\/modules are needed for a given project. Overall, this should make Media in Drupal easier to use, both for developers, site builders, as well as content editors and other end users.

Long Term Goals

The Drupal Media Team has set an ambitious goal of making Drupal the best media handling solution available in any web framework.

If we succeed in accomplishing this goal, ideally the approach and lessons learned can be useful for other open source web frameworks too (such as Wordpress, Django, Phoenix, and others).

We still have a long way to go to achieve that goal. However, the plans below will help you to understand the roadmap that we're following to achieve that goal, and the Status section of this Guide will keep you up-to-date on our progress along that roadmap.


Plans for Media in D8.0 (RC.1)

TBA\/FPO - Transfer and udpate content from Hackpad roadmap

Plans for Media in D8.x (or RC.x D9)

TBA\/FPO - Transfer and update content from Hackpad roadmap

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