The Media module is a full featured module which adds numerous media features to Drupal 8. It prepackages the configuration of other independent modules and provides a convenient starting point for users.

Included features:

  • Media bundles for images, videos, gallery, document, Instagram and twitter,
  • Embedding of media items in the wysiwyg editor,
  • Global and user media library,
  • Cropping functionality for uploaded images.

It requires the following modules to work:

The media module also requires the following Javascript libraries:

  • Blazy: It is required by the blazy module.
  • Cropper: It is required by the image_widget_crop module.
  • Dropzone: It is required by the dropzonejs module.
  • Slick: It is required by the slick module.


We use Github pull request workflow. In order to contribute to the module please create a pull request.


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