Field Formatter

Field Formatter module adds formatters for entity reference fields to output only a specific field. This module provides two formatters: Field formatter with inline settings and Field formatter from view display.


  1. Download Field Formatter from
  2. Install it in the usual way.


  1. Create entity reference field:

    • On admin/structure choose Content types.

      Step 1

    • Choose content type entity reference field should be added to, for example: Article, and click Manage fields.

      Step 2

    • Click + Add field.

      Step 3

    • From References dropdown menu choose Other, fill the Label and click Save and continue.

      Step 4

    • Choose Type of item to reference, for example: Content, and click Save field settings.

      Step 5

    • Select which content types you want to reference in Reference type section, for example: Article, and click Save settings.

      Step 6

  2. Choose field formatter for your entity reference field:

    • Open Manage display page for the selected content type (in our case Article).

      Step 7

    • Choose which formatter you want to use on your entity reference field, Field formatter with inline settings or Field formatter from view display.

      Step 8

    • In formatter settings define which field from the referenced entity you want to display in your article.

      Step 9

    • You also need to configure View mode if you're using Field formatter from view display
    • Click Update and then Save.

      Step 10

  3. Create a new node (in our case Article) with entity reference field:

    • In admin/content click + Add content.

      Step 11

    • Choose node to create (in our case Article).

      Step 12

    • Fill Title and all the other fields, for your entity reference field choose entity (or in our case Article) you want to reference and click Save and publish.

      Step 13

    • The chosen field from referenced entity is displayed on the saved article page.

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