Entity Browser

The Entity Browser module provides a very flexible and generic entity browsing and selecting tool. It can be used in any context where one needs to select any number of entities and do something with them.

Examples of few possible use cases:

  • powerful entity reference widget,
  • embedding entities into WYSIWYG,
  • you name it!

Entity Browser comes with an example module (modules/example in main repo) which can be used as a starting point. It comes with some example configuration and shows how Entity Browser can be used as a field widget for Entity Reference fields.

Other good examples or modules that showcase what you can do with the Entity Browser concept are:

File Entity Browser

If your need is to work only with images/files, the module File Entity Browser is a very good starting point to get up and running with Entity Browser to provide nice content creation experiences and re-usability of core files/images. It also allows you to bulk upload images using a Drag & Drop zone, using the dropzonejs library.

Media Entity Browser

Similarly to the File Entity Browser, the Media Entity Browser module is intended to be a good starting point for browsing Media Entities, with some theming to improve the content authoring experience.

Content Browser

Similarly to the previous example, the Content Browser module is intended to be a tool for selecting nodes on your site, and provides out of the box a nicely configured browser with some theming and fine-tuning.


One level beyond, the lightning is a full Drupal distribution that aims to create great editorial / authoring experiences, and makes an extensive use of Entity Browser and its possible integrations.


We use Github pull request workflow. In order to contribute to the module please create a pull request and cross-link it with the relevant drupal.org issue.

Roadmap to 8.x-1.0 version

Most up to date information about the current focus and relevant tasks/issues can be seen in the roadmap META issue.


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